Everyone knows how “all the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again”, after he fell and broke into many pieces. We believe that brands have become like Humpty Dumpty. They’ve fallen from a position of strength and selling power, and have become fragmented and weaker.

The Crakerjak point-of-view is that this is the result of a decade of unbalanced strategies, which have been primarily focused on a proliferation of channels, without maintaining enough emphasis on brand development, and consistency between the channels.  How then, can we help you re-instate the power of your brand to be more like a King and less like Humpty Dumpty?

The answer: by creating CRAKERJAK. A marketing company born to help brands lead like Kings and create loyal kingdoms for them. At Crakerjak, our goal is to help you drive your brand, so that your brand can drive sales and market share. It’s a noble calling. And one we take great pride in.

Let us show you how by becoming a brand-driven company is vital to your future success.  Contact us.